Identity Thief

Went out to Mall @ Alam Sutra yesterday with my loveliest Mr.A to watch "Identity Thief". Never heard of it before, we were just picking it based on the synopsis we read on the web. Turns out it's so funny and we had a good time watching it!

And in the darkness of the cloudy afternoon I manage to take some outfit picts!

Unbranded top to bottom // UP Wedges

As always, was trying to look fierce but, boy oh boy, I wasn't born with it.

Unbranded gold chain bracelet & watch // Handmade brown & gold bracelet

Life at work feels fun until today. Of course there are rude people, but mostly they are so kind and friendly. I met people who likes my makeup, I've met the ones that don't too! Sadly, I was in charge of touch ups on her program and she was kinda rude and didn't like my presence, but I just kept smiling until she finally accepting me. Always fight bad situation with positive energy!! Yeaahh!!

One person actually like my makeup until she took pictures of her eyes. And I was so happy to see that! Unfortunately, the stupid me always forget to take some pictures. uugghh.. :(

Other than that, work has certainly took most of my time. I only met Mr. A for once/twice a week. It's hard cause we used to see each other everyday on campus. But you have to leave your comfort zone to be a better person, right? Then, I'm doing the right thing. :)

Thus the lack of meetings between us two, it's always nice when we can met on weekdays and have a quality time together. Ain't that right, Mr. A? ;)

All photos taken by my super talented photographer, Mr. A. :3


  1. ah i'm so dying for ID thief, just cant watch them on theater :( i just saw the thriler on HBO :(

    1. OMG you should!! It's so funny even until the ending! Hahahaha


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