April 2013 Favourites!!

Time for favourites!! Yeaaayyyy...!

My favourite actually rotates around the same thing cause I wear the same makeup like everyday. hehehe.. But this month I've been get to fall in love with my long abandoned stuffs and also new things I just bought!

Tarte Smooth Operator
Just like its name, this finishing powder makes my skin feels so smooth and soft. Well since my face is super duper oily on the T-zone, it can't help much if I don't wear a great foundation like my Revlon Colorstay Foundation. But I don't really care for an everyday use as the only time I really pay attention to my skin is right after I've done my makeup. After that, I don't really care.. Hahahaha.. I just bought it in sample size to see how good it works AND the full size is too expensive!! Hahahaha.. *mureeeee

Sariayu Eye Makeup Kit
Love the kit for being the first kind in Indonesia, but what I love the most is the brow powder. Perfect amount of pigment for daily use, I can mix it to get it darker or au naturel, and the brush that came with it is really great!

Maybelline Gel Liner in Brown
My long lost love has been sitting in my makeup drawer for 2 years since the first time I got it. This was the only eyeliner I use when I started wearing makeup because its the easiest to wear and I couldn't use liquid liner that well. But I've changed. The cruelty of the world has changed me. *sigh*
Err.. well no! Hahahaha.. I just prefer liquid liner when I started to get the hang out of it. But I've done my makeup adventure and I like to get back to basic for daily usage. :3

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
Don't really understand about the bend-y wand on this product. My lashes ain't that hard and strong that the wand has to bend around while I sweep it through my lashes?! But anyway, love the product, really easy to wear, helps my straight down lashes to stay curled through out the day, And this, my friend, is the only mascara that I can build up without having spidery lashes. When you have thin lashes, building mascara won't look as good as those pretty models ya knaw. But this one has been amazing and I love it!
If you haven't try this one yet, you're doomed! Get going and check this baby out!

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick
New found this month, and I just love how easy to use it!
I won't explain it too long cause I have its own review here!!

Well... Right at this point you might or might not realize that I love maybelline so much. Its kinda weird because I always have a 'thing' for revlon, but I have much more Maybelline than Revlon! What's up with you, Revlon? I think what we have is pretty serious.. Where's your makeup appeal you threw at me long time ago?? :'(

Anywaaayy.. I still love Revlon, I do, but Revlon just gettin' more and more expensive and I need affordable things you hear me, Rev?? You better get it done or I might go see Maybelline for good! (just kidding Rev, I love your lipsticks and foundation. I still love you no matter what. But can you please get all those matte lipstick to get back in stock like, ASAP? I need those.)

Ok, before this morning randomness continue, I'll end this post right niaw.

See ya later, fellas!


  1. Greetings love!!
    Beautiful pictures and it is indeed an amazing post!! :)
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  2. eh babe aku juga pernah punya eyeliner yg coklat itu loh tapi sekarang ku buang soalnya udah ga layak pakai aja, dan aku baru tau kalo eyeliner ga boleh lebih dari 6 bulan atau 1 tahun, terus piye ngehabisinnya? bingung juga kann, dan yg item itu aku ini juga punya, warnanya gampang luntur ih kalo di aku, apalagi kalo ngebikin winged gitu, apalagi kalo abis wudlu gitu kan, meleleh....

    1. Kalo aku sih, gak pernah mikirin soal kadaluwarsa kalo buat pake sendiri.. Selama masi enak dipake dan gak bikin kulit iritasi mah hajar wae lah. Merhatiin kadaluarsa mekap? Ain;t nobody got time fo that! Hahahha.. Kecuali kalo bener-bener udah lama, tekstur dan bau udah berubah dari aslinya, baru deh buang. Huehehehehe


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