Almost Jumpsuit

Screamous Top // Unbranded Harem Pants // The Little Things She Needs Heels // Guess Watch

I always wanted a jumpsuit since it started to become a hit 2/3 years ago. Saw it so much on online shops on facebook but it all in an all size but for small size. I hate it so much when they do that. Don't they think that big girls can also love fashion?? 

Anyway, I found this piece of treasure on my cousins junk. She was actually in extra small but she got this harem/aladin pants which I can get nicely fit in. It's thin and stretchy but opaque enough to cover my legs and  in between from strangers eyes. It's been my favourite lousy but put together pants for a good one year now.

Another thing is, if I wear it with a black top, it will look almost like a jumpsuit which kinda make me happy. Hehehehe.. I still want to buy an actual jumpsuit tho! Anybody know where to get a nice jumpsuit for a big girl like me? Please let me know!!

And thanks to Mr. A for helping me to be the man behind the gun. :)


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