What's In My Small Bag??


Hey guys!! How are you???

I'm sorry, I'm just a kind of excited today cause I might get a job on monday, but we'll see! Hihihhi..

So, for a long time I always love to carry big and heavy bag on my daily basis cause I love to bring everything for the-never-happen-what-if-scenarios, but lately I just love to bring a very cute little purse that won't hurt my shoulder and arms.

Very small, eh?

I found this bag half price from Salt n Pepper at Summarecon Mal Serpong. Kinda hesitate at first about would I really get a ton of use of this. But I'm so glad I bought it! Its in green which is my most favourite color in the world, simple, and easy to carry. Love that buckle detail in the same color.

This is my torn up wallet. I don't know if it's an authentic LV or not. I got this from my grandma's wardrobe when she passed away. Actually the rest of the wallet are fine and still at its best condition, but the middle part was torn up when I forcefully put it in my other too small bag that didn't fit. And I hate myself for that.

On the inside - Very simple. I like the simplest things in everyday stuffs.

On the envelope part, I have all my movie tickets. mostly was watched my Mr.A, and that's our favourite movie, MAMA! Have you guys watched it? Its so greaatt! I screamed alot at the theatre. Hahahaha..

As for the pocket side, I got some cash (running low on it) in the front part, and some random receipts, name card, and my concert ticket with Ultima Sonora.

I almost forgot that this is a post about bag ya, not wallet. haha -_-"

When I bring my tini tiny small bag, I usually just bring things that I'll definitely use.

  • Cartier Baiser Vole Eau De Toilette - Really really loves the smell. Lucky my sister found this on Female Daily, thanks sis!
  • My home keys with Dubai keychain, a souvenir from my friend. hihi..
  • L'occitane Rose Petal Lip Balm - The smell is kinda weird. Feels good on the lips too. The main reason I bought this because, a lot of people are a brand minded. That's all.
  • Aubeu Lipstick in Classic Prune - My most favourite lipstick! Even if in the morning i wore other lipstick, this is the only one I'll bring with me. Hahahaha..
  • Ultima II Creamy Powder Blush in Rose Apricot - A very pretty warm peach color. rarely use it but I just need to have it on my bag.
  • Some tissues
  • Sour/Fresh Mints Candy - I just need this. Whenever I feel my mouth is not smelling good or when I'm hungry, or simply when I want it.
  • OXY Oil Control Film - I rarely add some powder for touch up, so this is a must have.
  • Hair band - Everybody's got tricked by my hair band case. I just use an old candy can to store my hairband, and when they first saw it, their eyes were all shiny and hungry. But all they got is dissapointment. hahaha.. :p
  • Mirror - What kind of girls who doesn't need mirror??

The bag has only 2 compartments and a zipper, so I just threw everything in and get my keys on the zipper to make it easy to reach. So yeah, that's what's inside my small bag! Any body interested of what's inside my big bag? Just gimme some comments down there!

What's in your bag, hun? Lemme see it!! ;)


  1. Replies
    1. Iyaa, untung masi bisa bawa barang" yang pasti kepake.. hihihi.. :3

  2. Nice post banget nih. Jadi pengen ngpost isi bag-ku juga. hehehee..

    1. Ayo posstt!!! Seru ngeliatin isi tas orang lainnn.. hihihi.. *kepo* :p

  3. Tasnya bagus, Van. Pengeen ih, belum punya tas warna begitu. Nggak kekecilan sih, menurut aku. Besarnya pas :D

    1. Iya lucu tuh warna kan lagi in banget buat spring! hihihi.. Mungkin karna badan aku gede kali ya, jadi berasanya kecil banget ini tas. hahahha.. :p


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