Ultima Screen

It's a fairly new event on my campus that giving the opportunity for us, as young film maker, to show people in the industry our work. It's kinda cool cause its kinda hard for our movie to get attention if it's not from festivals or something like this. So the cinematography students was submiting their work and 7 films chosen will get the spot to get screened at The Blitz Megaplex in Pacific Place. Lucky for me, 2 short films I've worked with was in the 7 chosen ones! Woohooo!! I definitely should watch eventhough me and the whole crew should buy the tickets cause our campus only want to pay for 1 studio which is full for invitation only. That's where all the people in films industry and campus' important people and chairmen would be. That's ok, to have my movie get seen by these people are just awesome!

With the crew's girls

With half of the crew. Didn't know where the full team photo is.. :(

Of course it won't be complete without the loveliest, Mr. A. Hihi.. :3
He looks older than he really is because of that mustache! hahaha..

And here's the 2 movies I've been working on:

This one is actually my final project but some things happen and I have to make thesis instead. But that's okay, the whole experience is priceless. :)

The second one is my friend's final project and I help them after I've done mine.

All in all, making short movie is very exciting and fun at the same time. I met new people, new environment, doing things I've never done before, watching all the hardwork gets appreciated, it's all worth the effort it takes. I really want to do another short movie if I get anymore chance! :3

(Well, actually I'm a cinematography student too, but I'm not great with stories, so yeah.. hehe.. :p)


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