February 2013 Favourites!

In the month of love, I've found a few pretty things to enhance my natural apperance and smell. I've never actually paying attention for any scent in anything because since high school, my nose didn't want to work properly. But lately my nose has been a good companion for working as it supposed to and I think it's time to buy some smellin' good stuff. When I was little, I loved it so much if someone or somewhere is smells nice. It just makes me feel expensive. I like the feeling of me being expensive, so I want to smell good too!

I was just wandering at Farmers Market, I was running out body lotion and just trying to see if there's any new things I can try at the market. Well, actually enchanteur body talc has been around since I was a kid. But at the time I just thought that it was so expensive and I didn't want to spend that much money for a powder, so I've never really had the urge to buy it whatsoever. So I saw the lotion at the market, saw the price, and hey, it's actually affordable! There's 3 scent but I like this one with the purple flower the best. It gives me the feeling of expensiveness I love.

And then I saw the body mist, without any hesitance I grabbed it. I love the combo of the lotion and body mist, eventhough the smell doesn't last that long but I still loved it. hhehehe.. A couple of days later, I found the shower gel on discount! How can I resist?? So now I have this triple combo to make me feeling good as the starter of the day! Oh, and the shower gel is great, it leaves my skin so soft after rinse and kinda..not slimy, but kinda. I hope you understand what I meant. hehehehe.. The body lotion is also great, my skin feels soft and it absorbs quick! It doesn't make my hand sticky or anything. I have a very sweaty palm and very picky about hand lotion, so you can trust me on that!

As for skin care, I always try for anything that says whitening. Not that I have been brainwashed by those commercials, but simply because I want to retain my original skintone. I've never really care about skincare on school time and I've spent a lot of time under the sun, so my skin on face, neck, arms, and legs are darker than my body, it's really disturbing for me when I wear pretty clothes that has wide neckline, cause I feel so dirty and 'kucel' hahaha..

I've used this Hadalabo for like 3 months as night cream and pond's one as day cream for 2 months or so. And so many people has told me that I look whiter. And I guess its much more because of the pond's day cream. I can't really tell which product has work better but my heart just say pond's. So I think I want to try to use the complete range of Pond's flawless white series, but I'll wait for discounts as the price is gonna get quite expensive if I want to buy the whole range. But now I got a problem. All my foundation are too dark and orange for me, and I've gone 1 shade lighter than I used to. Lucky I've mistakenly bought a lighter foundation awhile back so I still have some back up before buying something else. hehehe.

Never really want to try the Indonesian version of Maybelline Baby Lips but I'm on a journey on finding a good lipbalm that can soothes my lips out. It's not chapped but it's almost dry and I don't like it. So I try this and I love the texture and how it feels on my lips. Eventhough the effect is not long lasting, if i'm not using it then my lips will start to dry again. But that's okay for me.

You know those days when you just don't want to wear makeup at all but you can't stand your tired eyes and bald eyebrow? And I was in those stage for like 3 months now. I don't really want to wear foundation if its not an important event cause I hate to wipe my face during the day and have my foundation transferred onto the tissue. And I actually hate it when it transfer to my boyfriend's clothes. Makeup has been my life saver but has also causing a new insecurity for me. Hmm..

Anyway, for that reasons, I like to just wear a concealer as a base and marcks powder to set it. Still in my favourite is the Maybelline Minerals Concealer. It instantly freshen up my face, easy to blend, and not creasing all day long. Thumbs up to that!

And I found my self reaching for the Rivera Liquid Eyeliner so many time as I just found out that my estee lauder double wear can't stand humidity, so it tends to get tacky and sticky by the end of the day, making my eyeshadow stick to it. It just looks undelightful. While Rivera does a really good job on stay in place in humidity, not smudging, and last all day.

Forgive me for always behind the hype of anything cause I just want to see if its really worth it or not. And I'm impress by this Maybelline The Falsies Mascara. It separates my lashes, waterproof, make them stay curled through out the day, doesn't smudge, and not as hard to remove as Maybelline Cat Eyes and Hypercurl.

Aaanndd that's it! See you when I see you!


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