Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same..

It's a song title from Keane, one of my favourite song back then in high school. It's true though. The best sentence I can use to describe my feeling right now.

I might start this blog as makeuprelated.blogspot.com, but I feel the name isn't really describing what I want to write lately. I just want to write anything here, its my platform to share. What I'm eating, where do I go, what did I do, and any other random stuff that's not makeup related.

I previously had a blog named vanisagita.blogspot.com, its a blog for me to post random photography I took or my outfit, or anything. But I oftenly just write about makeup and I feel like I'm abandoning the blog I have with my name on it.

So I merge my blogs and change makeuprelated into vanisagita. I'm still gonna write mostly about beauty because simply it's my biggest passion right now, but I just want to share other things too. Now that I've change my url, I feel alot better to share anything I want. Hehehe...

If you scroll through my posts, you might seen some new posts I had posted on previous blog. If you like it, please enjoy, and if you don't, well, that's up to you! Hihi..

And I still can't think of a name for this new format so I stick to my name. But its gonna change sooner or later. Please bear with my super simple header for now. Hehe..

Best Regards,

Vani Sagita


  1. pantesaaannnn! pas g klik i dashboar d, katanya blog u tidak ditemukan. hahahaha

    1. eh masaaa?? terus ini bisa kesininya gimanaaa? hahahaha

  2. Oh pantesan. Gw bingung kenapa isi vanisagita jadi begini. Dan sekarang di dashboard gw ada isi postingan-postingan cantik luuu bertebaran. hahaha..


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