Top 5 Favourites - Nude Lipstick

I'm not a really lipstick junkie since I have to pick colors really well or else my face would look so made up. So here's my Top 5 Favourites Nudes I use everytime I decided to wear lipstick!

First, of course its my Revlon Lipbutter in Creamsicle. I just loove nude lips on everyday basis cause its just looks This is kinda bit tricky to wear. If I'm applying it too much then I'll look like so sick, but when used above any lipbalm. it sheers out and so perfect for my everyday look! The texture feels so creamy and moisturizing but didn't last so long.

Goes on to another nudish brown lipstick, It's The Body Shop Lipstick no. 07, I can't find the proper name of this in the website and there's nothing on the bottom says anything about it. So its more of a brown nude which I loovvee.. On the lips it looks almost like a brick color, but not too dark. That's what I like about it. The texture also a new thing to me, cause it didn't glide on really easily, a bit though if you know what I mean, almost like crayon but still moisturizing and not drying out my lips. The texture makes it buildable, you can wear it sheer or full on. When I'm not drinking or eating, it can stays for almost 6 hours, but on the later hours it dries out and set into my lines. 

Not really a glossy lips lover but I forgive the Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in 032 Buff Chamois for its color. What so cute about this is this has purplish shimmer on it, that makes this lipgloss looks so pretty.... The shimmer is so subtle and it doesn't show up in the picture. Love the applicator, making it so easy to use. It actually pretty opaque as lipgloss. The texture is creamy, easy to glide on, but a bit sticky. Its not that kind of super high shine lipgloss, it more of a subtle gloss. Love love!

This is my definitely super duper favourite, my go to lip color, my lips but better, my BF favourites, my everything! It's Aubeau Lipstick in 18 Classic Prune. Never knew this kind of color would suit me so perfectly. I was just browsing around when the SA told me this color would look so good on my skin color. I tried it and I fell in love. Its not very creamy but glides on easily, not patchy, and the finish is just pefect, kinda velvety and it kinda dry a bit and sets into my lips. uuurrgghh, its just like the best lipstick I've ever try! Oh and I've once use it onto my client that has like 2 shades darker than me and it looks so pretty, it match perfectly! It looks like the best baby pink color for darker skintone. You definitely should try this!

The last but not least, is the Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in 020 Baby Pink. Its actually kinda love hate relationship with this color, cause when I first put it on, it has a frosty finish. It didn't when I swatched it on my hand, but on my lips it did. But as the lipstick set the silvery color is gone and the cute baby pink color appears. I love the formula, it didn't dries out my lips and last for about 3-4 hours.

L-R : Revlon Lipbutter, The Body Shop Lipstick, Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss, Aubeau Lipstick, Revlon Colorburst Lipstick

So how 'bout you guys? What's your favourite everyday lipstick? Let me know on the comments, sweetheart! ;)


  1. Replies
    1. teksturnya tuh entah kenapa enak banget yaa.. aku juga suka bangettt..XD

  2. woa fotonya awesome, jelas banget!
    kalo favorit nude lipstiku masih revlon almost nude (117) dan PAC pensil lipstik shade reddish brown. .
    tapi favorit tiap hari maybelline moisture extrem shade satin praline & wet n wild silk finish (keduanya soft n bikin lembab, sayangnya rada susah nyarinya -_-)

    1. thank youuu!! X)
      Aku pernah coba tuh almost nude, mukanya langsung washed out paraahh.. kaya sakiittt.. hahahaha.. Sekarang juga lagi pengen coba yang wet n wild nihh.. Cuma males nunggu POnya itu.. hahaha

  3. Interesting^^
    Aq koq jadi naksir warnanya si Body Shop yak hehe...
    si buff chamoisnya revlon, cakep juga kelihatannya
    ahhh... racun lagi

    1. Hahahaha.. ayo coba"! Kan kalo nude mah kan pasti kepakeee... *kompor*

  4. Thanks for those amazing swatches!!

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.

  5. setuju banget sama aubeau no 18, dan satu lagi yang aku suka dari aubeau, no 17, itu coklatnya pas banget, n glide on for once, it will shows u the color. amazing!!! itu 2lipstick aubeau uda repurchase 2x, soalnya itu shade yg never gonna wrong.
    sama satu lagi yg gw lagi gandrung banget, cobain sulamit in 03(gentle heart). ini localproduct, tapi sayangnya mudah patah n packaging engga banget. tapi warnanya okeee banget. tap2 di bibir oke, pake lipbrush lebih cantik. cobain deh say,

    1. Ah gue belom coba-coba lagi nih warna aubeau, boleh nih kapan-kaan cobain yang no 17! Sama sulamit juga baru pernah denger tuh, tar cobain deh, makasi buat rekomendasinya endah!! XD

  6. hai mba salam kenal, aku tertarik deh buat coba lipstick aubeau, pinknya cakep ga ya mba buat kulit sawo matang? lipstick aubeau ini meninggalkan residu putih gitu ga sih mba stlah bbrpa jam pke?


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