[REVIEW] Mustika Ratu Peeling Mundisari

Finally another review!

Today I'm gonna share with you guys, the best face scrub I've ever came across and the best point iiiissss IT'S CHEAP!! Who can beat great stuff with cheap price??

So I have super big and deep holes all over my face (or you might know it by the name pores) and it sucks. I wear makeup almost everyday and most of the times, no matter how much I cleanse it by the end of the day, Some dirt and the makeup itself still get stuck inside my face-holes and makes my skin feels bumpy (as you guys might know it as comedo). Especially on my T-zone where my holes tends to be bigger then the rest of my face.

But then I found this. My face life saviour. 


Mine is beaten up so I take the packaging picture from an online shop. But the other pictures are mine.

You might often see it on your nearest supermarket or minimarket because its just everywhere that you don't even bother to try because its cheap. But think again my dear friend, you better try the "Mustika Ratu Peeling Mundisari" after you read this.

What it says:

"Helps cleanse and exfoliate dead skin cells

With Murraya exotica Leaves (Daun kemuning) extract that helps soften the skin, while its Fenugreek extract (Ekstrak Klabet) and Curcuma heyneana powder (Serbuk Temugiring) help exfoliate dead skin cells and dirt off the skin

Mix the peeling powder With White Rose Air Sari, then apply the paste onto face and neck. Avoid the eye area. Leave it on unti half dries then gently rub off the powder. Rinse with water. Use regularly twice a week for best results."

And it did what it says! I only use it maximum once a week only on my T-zone, which is my forehead, between eyebrow, nose area, and chin. It is because my skin is kinda thin and my veins are showing around my cheeks and jaw area. I don't want to make it even more obvious and beside, those area don't have big holes anyway. hehe..

Just mix it with plain water or if you have rose water you can use it, but its not a big deal. Mix the two until it became a paste consistency, then, apply to areas where you need it. I use a very small container, its actually my face cleansing brush cap. hehehe..

When I use it, there's a strong jamu scent. At first I was like, "what the hell with the smell??" But after a few uses I start to enjoy it cause I find it relaxing and reminds me of a spa house. (Look at my self talking like I've try those spa house. I never go there but you know, imaginations..)

Anywaayy...What I like about this mask is that, its not making my face stiff so I can talk and do whatever I want. And right before it goes dry all over, about 80/90% dry, I start to rub in circular motion but gently. The texture of this is kinda sand-y. So it a harsh type of scrub. Use it carefully if you have a sensitive or thin skin as mine.

After most of the scrub is gone after I scrub it, I find my skin damp and then I rub with more pressure to knock off those dead skin cells. After I think its clean and smooth enough, I rinse my face with water.

Freshly applied
*scrub scrub scrub scrub*

Most of the time I would continue with using a mask. I use any mask I have at the moment. Just because I think its the best time to use it, because my skin is super clean, then it would absorbs the goodies from mask better.

You can use this mask all over your body, too! Use the same step as when you're doing your face.

After I'm done with it, my skin feels sooo smooth and soft, I can't stop touching them! Hihihii..

Now its time for you to try yourself! Its so affordable, just around Rp 5.000,- or something below Rp 10.000,-.

I kinda forget the price because I bought mine long ago. I can use 1 sachet for 2/3 months because I just need a bit for each use.

And that's it! Thank for reading guiiss! :*


  1. The pics are gawjus, Van! Love it~ ^_^

  2. Mumer and it works exfoliate my face very well...
    nice post

  3. Aku juga baru beli...tp blm coba hihihi

    1. Wah pas bangett, dicobain deh, pasti ketagihan! huehehehe.. :D

  4. aku barusan pake ini kemarin xD

    do you want to follow each other?
    visit my blog ^^

    1. Mukanya pasti jadi mulus banget kaannn?? hihihi..

  5. aku udah pake ini ada setengah taun.
    aga kasar sih. tapi bagus hasilnya, murah juga :D

    1. Iya, awalnya juga agak kaget ama kasarnya, tapi lama-lama jadi suka, asal jangan kekencengan aja ngegosoknyaa.. hihihi.. :D


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