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Life went to a bit boring for me on the past few weeks, so I decided to make a change on my hair! I'm kinda tired with my long bang which has grown into an annoying living creature covering up my face. So I make it short and simple! Buutt, as the hairdresser always did, she cut my bang a tiny bit shorter than what I actually want. Soo, I try to style it a bit hippy with head band. hohoho..

What do you think?

Oh by the way, this was the makeup I was wearing to a job interview at Benefit Indonesia yesterday!

It was kinda mess on the way there because I'm not good with maps and I don't know where the building are! My dad told me to drive there alone cause he didn't want to wait for me. -_-

Long story short, I'm late. I was told to come at 3 P.M. but I arrived at 3.30. I almost cry at the traffic because I hate to be unpunctual. Luckily, there's a girl came at 3 while she supposed to be there on 3.30. It's like I'm switching place with her so I was kinda relieved. hehehe..

The interviewers were so kind and funny! I met the girl behind the Benefit Indonesia, her name is Diane and she was sooo kinnddd.. The other one was a HRD named Hery which is so very funny!! I had a very good time there and finally they say, I'm not the person to be an intern, but I'm more suitable for a Beauty Artist! Woohoo...!! But I won't start soon, I have to graduate first. So, yeah.. I hope I'm still the person to fill the slot!

The interview was done at 5-ish, but I have to wait for 3-in-1 to end at 7. Diane was kind enough to offer me to wait at her office. She showed me pictures of Benefit's event all around the world. I was so happy to imagine how the opening party at Jakarta will be! When she need to use her computer (I was sitting on her chair and looking the pictures at her computer. Such a sweet person.. :3) Then she asked me, "Would you like to see the products?". Of course I want to see it!! She opened up a cabinet, and there it is, all the collection that'll be on Jakarta's store!! I was so unimaginably happyy!!

I always wanted to have Benefit's products but I haven't got the chance to buy any. I opened every box there is and oh my I WANT THEM ALL!! Aaarrggghhhh!! She also gave a booklet, and I'll show you some of my favourites on the booklet, which also will be at the store too!!

Jean & Jane Ford - Founder and creator of Benefit. I just knew it!

I've been wanting these for ages! I really want to try Dandelion and Hoola.

The mascara everyone's been talking about! Please get me 1!!

The colors reminds me much about Naked Basic Palette, but its of course different. What I like the most is the brushes, they have 2 dual ended brushes so there's brush for each color!

Concealer and corrector palette. The design is so amazing, and they got their own lid there. Really looks like a paint palette. Soo adorable..

My favourite of them all, the "How to look the best at everything" palette. It has the mini size of everything! I love anything mini. hihihi..

The fragrances. They only got the "Laugh with me Lee Lee" there. I smelled it and oh god, I want them to be mine!!

I can't never get enough with powders! It has 2 applicator, a sponge for fuller coverage and a brush for a sheer cover. The brush is soooo soooffttt.. I'm sold.

The concealers. and I tell ya, they bring the fairest and the darkest shade here!

There are so many other product there but I'm not brave enough to take any picture. ehehehe.. But there's lipstick, lipglosses, cream shadows, so many other palette and much more! I was playing with the products for like 45 minutes! hahahahaha.. It was so much fun yesterday and thank you Diane for your hospitality!!


Psstt..I asked Diane wether or not she's gonna invite bloggers to the party, and she said, she didn't know if there's any beauty blogger other than Harumi from My Tips Cantik. But worry not! I've told her that Indonesia also has many beauty bloggers! Let's just cross our fingers so she would invite us! hihihi..

That's all about my most recent updates. See you guys on the next post!


  1. Waah, you should've taken lotsa pics, hahaha ^_^ Niwei, makeupnya sweet banget~ Semoga bisa jadi Beauty Artistnya Benefit ya *ikut berdoa*

    1. Iyapp! Sayang banget kemaren gak bawa kameraa.. :(
      Kalo dipikir" hoki juga bisa sampe dikasi liat barang-barang benefitnyaa.. aaa .. bikin mauuuu XD

      AMIN!! Pengen bangettt apalagi barag-barangnya benefit lucu" parraahhhh XD

  2. OMG so cuteeeee.... Love the packaging! Nice review dear

  3. dapat info low dari mana?? jadi pengen juga dech ngelamar.. :))

    1. Itu kemaren tau dai twitternya gituu.. Coba aja, setau gue dia masi nyari-nyari orang juga kok.. hihihi


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