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Nothing really makeup related, but I just wanna share things I like at the moment with you guys! hihihi..

Are you a journal person or phone reminder person? Me, personally, love journals better. Just because writing with different colors and the nice design of the book itself are giving me nice positive thoughts.. hehehe..

I have 2 journals this year, 1 as a regular journal (as I forget things quite fast) and 1 as my diary. I always keep a diary to keep my self from overthinking. I can't think for so many things at the same time, it drives me nuts! So I keep a diary to vomit all those mixed feelings. And my last diary is full right by the end of the year of 2012. A fresh start for a fresh new year!

I got both free. And this one is from Girlfriend. So cute right.. The color theme is somehow calming..

This one is actually my everyday on my bag journals. It has this monthly planner I super need! I don't know how many times I have to cancelled plans just because I made it at the same time. :(

So I really need this to make sure I don't make appointments on the same time.

After every monthly planner, there's a blank notes pages which really awesome cause I can take some random notes of what I need to do or just doodle anything. But I just got this book like 2 days ago because my sister just gave it to me, so at the moment its still quite empty, only a few notes here and there from events that I can still remember. hehehehe..

There's also having like a theme on every month and they got articles to explain it.

There's also a few tips on beauty. I know this tips like from all over the internet but I always loovee to read it again and again.

NEXT! Is from GoGirl... My most favourite local magazine so far! It feels so fresh and up to date, I just plain LOVE it!

A quote section and I just write anything that popped up on my head. But of course some lovey dovey things need to be written down! haha

The inside are just blank notes with no monthly planner or anything, that's why I keep it as my diary.

 Aaanndd another resolution that made to be forgotten. 

 One more lovey dovey thing. Hihihihi.. Pardon my sweet cheesy teenage moment right here. It's my diary righhtt?? Hahahaha..

And that's it! Have a nice day errbody!


  1. You have the cutest handwriting! ^~^

    1. Aaa... padahal berantakan banget itu tulisannya kaya bocahh hahahaa.. thanks ciii... :'3


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