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Hola amigos! Such a nice day today because I finally done my thesis and its on printing process. Fiuh! 1 step to go to graduate!

I got nothing to do this morning, I decided to make a tutorial. But somehow my eyes and body feels so tired, the step by step process were all over the place. I don't even want to edit it. So FOTD it is! Hehehehe..

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I was inspired so much by this look from LV spring 2012 runway look. I saw it a long time ago on a magazine and I love it to my bone! This is so awesome. Sweet, defined, pretty, flirty, seductive, neutral, basically anything I want from a look. So here I am trying to make my own version with a softer look. I was trying to not using any brown eyeshadow, but I cheat. Only a bit though! I need that definition on my crease so much. 

Now, everytime I try to make it look natural, I always end up looking like a K-Pop Star wannabe. I wish I'm caucasian.. Nevertheless, I still love this look. definitely a very versatile look you can wear exactly everywhere. 

Now what I noticed, when I use a flash, my skin always looks flawless eventhough I only use a sheer-medium coverage foundation. With natural light, I can see my veins showing through on my jaw area, but when I'm using flash, my skin look like a baby's skin. Gotta get that flash thingy on my favorite list!

*puppy face*

And this is what I use to do my whole face. I didn't use anything on my lips cause mine are looking pretty pink and healthy today.

Makeup Store matt foundation in Creme
e.l.f. High Definition Powder
Shu Uemura Blush in P Pink 30
Maybelline Mineral Concealer
e.l.f. Powder Brush
Masami Shouko Foundation Brush
Real Technique Blush Brush

Makeup Tool Shop Eyelashes
Silkygirl Gel Eyeliner in Black
Black eyelash glue Maybelline Cat Eyes
Sariayu Duo Brow Pencil
Real Technique Eyebrushes
Masami Shouko Eyeliner Brush
Sariayu Eyeshadow BENA
Viva Eyeshadow Duo in 09
Unbranded Eyelash Curler
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold

A little side note about some of the product I'm using:
  • Makeup Store Matt Foundation - Definitely not matte on my skin, it's more of a dewy finish and pretty sheer.
  • Makeup Tool Shop Eyelashes - Not the best falsies I've ever try. I love how it looks but not a big fan of the materials which is plastic. Sometimes it can get a bit ichy on the lash line because the band are quite stiff and not really flexible.
  • Silkygirl Gel Liner - Very opaque, creamy, easy to control, but it smudge like crazy. I've once put this on my client and it look horrible by the end of the day, she looks like a panda and since she got a monolid, the gel line get on her crease. That's super horrible. I only use it for people with quite big lid just to line the lash line.
  • Real Technique Brushes - Affordable, unique design and oh so soft! Love the blush brush so much. Looking forward to buy more face brushes from the brand.
  • And I just want to tell you that I bought my eyelash curler for Rp 4.000,-! Can you believe it?? I bought when I was in 9th grade, it was like 6,5 years ago! And it still my most favorite curler of all time!

Aaannd that's it! See guys when I see you!


  1. vaniiiiiiiii, yosin jadi pen coba RT juga nih :((((
    tapi duit udah abis buat po kemarin :'(
    review review racuni aku racuni aku!!!!

    1. cobain yooss!! Gak bakal nyesel dehh.. Tapi saranku sih cobain yang face brushnya ajaa.. lebih tokcer dibanding eye brushnyaa.. hehehe..
      tunggu barang dateng abis itu PO lagi doonngg!! Hahahaha

  2. hey girl! long time it's been ages not talking hehe btw i'd like to ask u somethin about where did u got such products like make up store, elf, and maybelline color tattoo i've been looking after those products and all i've got was nothing, please let me know, if u get them online, sent me a link. thank u <3

    1. aku beli elf sama maybelline color tattoo itu dari ikut PO di lapak female daily di market plaza, tapi minta cici aku yang beliin, jadi kurang tau dimananyaa.. hehehe..
      Kalo make up store belinya waktu itu di Plaza Indonesia kalo gak salah, tapi ada juga di Metro Gandaria City buat konternya.. hehehe..
      Hope it helps!


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