Testing out Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation

Well, hello theree~~

Like I said in my previous post, I am in such a narcistic mood eventhough my skin is not! I got an active acne right in between my forehead! Now I feel like some random Indian Gal. Hahahha.. :p

Other than that, the skin under my nose decided to be a rebellion, being red and rough! Not to mention a huge dark spot on my chin from my previous breakout. I'm sinking into a bad skin condition. I've lost my pride.... :'(

So, today, I try to use my Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation, which I think is the most high coverage foundation I have, to make my skin looks better and makes me feel better.

Aaaannddd.. I must say I feel a kind of dissapointed because it can't fully cover all of my problems, but it helps reducing the appearence. Maybe it doesn't cover because I was using my Masami Shouko beauty blender sponge to apply my foundation this morning. I saw a lot of the foundation get absorbed by the sponge, but I love how the sponge blends the foundation so it just looks like my skin! Even more my skin looks healthier and soft! hihii~~

Maybe next time I should use more foundation to see if it can fully cover my flaws.

And then I'm testing out to see if its going to get me a white cast since it got some SPF in it. I just blend a bit down to my jawline just so I don't get any weird foundation line. So here I try to see if my face and neck match.

Well, looks like it blends nicelyy.. Wihiiii~~

And pardon my silly face right there, I was trying to see if my face match with the rest of my body. Judging from the photo I can see that the foundation seems like having a slightly pink/red undertone while I'm yellow as hell. Even my vain are all green!

But nonetheless, I still love this foundation. Maybe I'll try to buy another shade of this. (IF the budget doesn't go to any other beauty products like, benefit they're real mascara, UD primer, some of elf studio blushes, and so on.. Hahahaha.. :p)

So that is it! So random this post.. I know.. But just in the feeling of showing off sharing about my skin condition. Haha.. 

G'day, mates!


  1. love your last photo, very expressive xD


  2. Hi! Aku ngasih kamu award loh..



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