Sariayu 2013 Collection Haul & First Impression

Hulaaa baby darliiinggg....

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to get a chance to go to Martha Tilaar Shop at Supermal Karawaci. I was so much in urge to get my hands on the collection so bad, so I did! hehehe.. :3

When swatching and trying at the counter, I never think about their pakaging, I thought its just gonna be like the previous collection that don't have any boxes that comes with it. But guuurrrll.....I'm wrong! When I'm about to pay, the Sales Attendants (a very nice sales attendants to be exact!) was showing me everything I bought and I was in shock, everybody! They come in boxes and good Lord, they're pretty!! I can't even take my eyes off of them. I looked at them while I was eating after buying 'em. I kept staring while I was on my way back home. It's just so fascinating. I can see they have a very traditional feeling on them but also a modern and edgy as well.

Now, without further a do, here's a few things I bought

So happy to try these things on my face and since I can't wait to share it with you guys, I'm gonna share my first impression trying all of these goodies~~

Let's start with the one who caught my attention the most!


With the box - Inside the box

They got ingredients written all over the box, but since I don't really pay attention to those, let's skip it. hehe..  (Lazy mode detected)

They put this plastic with infographic to show what went where. Pretty cool. For those who doesn't wear make up or not really pay attention to makeup, they can see how to use this palette.

Another thing that draw my attention is the applicator. Its not like the usual crappy brush the put with their eyeshadow. This brush is actually amazing. My jaw is kinda drop when I try to use the angled brush. I thought, "Well, don't get your hope up high with the brush, van. They might look good but it doesn't mean they're good in terms of quality." So I use it to fill in my eyebrow first, and then, BAMM!! It hit me hard. This brush is so goooodddd.. It is so thin and precise, plus it pick up the shadow so well! It's also really good when I'm putting on the powder eyeliner. I could really reach in between my lashes and draw a very precise sharp line around my eyes.

For the shadow brush, well, it definitelly too small for puting on the color all over the lid till brow bone, but it is a perfect shape and size to define your crease from the brown for the eyebrow color. 

I never really pluck my brows cause I just think its hurting my skin and my soul *sob*, but it's okay, I'll try it based on my curiosity.

First strand -- "It's not hurt! Let's try another one!"
Second strand -- "I guess I'm getting good at this."

And so I guess its time to stop...

But it's a very sturdy tweezer. Good quality!

Another small detail they put is this small ribbon right here. It makes easier for us to take the pencil from its tinitiny space.

The embossed surface they're having is actually connected to one another. Pretty cool, eh? :D

Pencil Liner - Eyeliner - Eyebrow (grey/brown) - Eyeshadow

You can't really see the eyeshadow color because its kinda light and almost match perfectly with my skin. But when you put it on the lid, it brings a tiny amount of light to your eyes because its soft shimmer.

The eyebrow pan actually has 2 colors. Grey and brown, I think the brown would be so much nicer if only it don't have any red tones in it. It's not as red as the viva eyebrow pencil, but still, a pure brown would be nice. The grey is fine. I'm not the biggest fan of black/grey eyebrow, just because it makes me look like emak". hufftt..

Eyeliner. When I swatched this, I'm kinda dissapointed for the color pay off. I mean, when you think of Sariayu eyeshadow, you think of a very vivid color. But it's okay, I tried to wet the brush before using the liner, and voila, it works like wonder. Not a really opaque black, but enough to accentuate my eyes. BUT, its only a shadow I should say, it just smudge like 10 mins after I done my make up, makes me looks like a panda. meh.. Its a NO NO!

Pencil liner. I kinda impress with its creamyness as I first swatched it on my hand. After that, I try to use it on my waterline and its showed up pretty well! Usually pencil liner can't show up on my waterline because my eyes are so watery. I just hope it doesn't smudge so I can wear it all day!:D



I think its pretty considerate of them to put a sponge and a brush on the package, so you can pick which one you want to use to apply the product. The sponge is just a regular one and the brush is so-so. Not so crappy but not a good one too. Its enough to apply the powder.

I personally choose the brush to apply this just because the powder has 4 different colors on the pan and I have to swirl them all together to match my skin. Its hard to use the sponge to evenly mix the colors.

They also give a small pouch to bring this powder with you so you won't lose your brush inside your makeup bag.

And this is the powder. I guess its just a compact powder. It makes my face matte but with no coverage at all. Maybe that's why it can match many face colors. Its not powdery, but when I swipe the brush around to pick all the colors, theres a bit of fly aways which I think is caused by the brush. The bristles are quite thick.

All blended together - white - brown - light orange - dark orange

I've tried to heavily swatched when it's all blended but it just match my color so well. That's why it didn't show up.

There's definitelly quite a pigment, but its too hard to use it by itself. But when all blended together, you can' even tell.



As any Sariayu Lipstick, it also so soft, smooth, buttery, and pigmented. The color reminds me of old chinesse movies where all the girls wore this pretty bright red lip.

And please take a look at those pretty embossment! I don't even want to use it. So I use the back part! hehehee..

Lipgloss only - Lipstick only - Mix

 I guess the lipgloss is pretty to wear even on its own. When using the lipstick only its kinda dark bright red. And when mixed it looks brighter. I actually prefer to use it alone and not mixing it. Just a personal preference...



Quite a big box for something so small.

A small brochure is also included inside the box.

Pretty small right??

For whatever reason, I don't like that small circle of pattern on the lid. It just make the product looks cheap! If only they put it around the jar, that should look better!

Bare lips - With Gloss Gel

I thought its gonna be creamy and somewhat glossy, but its pretty hard to pick the product from the jar, even after I try to warm it with my finger. Not even moisturize my lips. But maybe its because I put it on my cold room. I'll try to heat it up a next time. But my first impression has already gone down. :(


And that is all I bought + my first impression on them. I'll say, try for the eye make up kit. You'll get so many things in one product!

And I suggest you to buy the collection at the Martha Tilaar Shop, cause you'll get a bonus! I got this beautiful free makeup pouch for shopping in total of Rp 229.500,-. And the SA told me, if you buy of minimum Rp 350.000,- you'll get a big bag with also a beautiful prints on it. But I think I won't use the bag, so I'm enough with the pouch. hehehe..

And here's a simple FOTD using everything I bought!

I somehow feel like loving  bright lip colors lately. Which one do you think suits me best? Bright/nude lip?

Please help me ouutt!

And if you see it closely, my brow colors are different. I try the brow powder on each of mine. On my right  is the brown and on my left is the grey. I love the brown better because it just brings warm into my look + it looks more natural! Hihi..

Thanks for reading, pretties~~! :*


  1. oh god.... semua bikin ngiler ya ce vannnn *pingsan* mhihihi, cecenya makin cantik pake lippi merah ♥

    1. Iyaaa bangett.. apalagi pekejingnya juga cantik-cantik gituuu.. hihihi.. Ah cheryl.. Ain't you the sweetest.. :3
      Thank you, dearrr.. :*

  2. van, kok eyebrow kitnya menggoda???? berapaan?

    btw kamu cantik pake warna dark red gituuuu :))))

    1. Memang menggoda pon! Dan best buy dari semuanya! Hehehe..
      92.000 poonn.. Gak rugi dehh, beli 1 dapet banyak, plus brushnya itu loohhh.. ciamik!

      Aaa.. makassii popoooonnnn... *ketjup basah* :*

  3. akhirnya di posting juga...bagus n cantik....mbak vani beli sepaket ya, klo bleh tahu semua itu berapa? thanks #mupeng...hehe

    1. nggak paket kok say, itu belinya tetep satuan, cuma dapet bonus puoch itu yg lutuu.. hehehe.. Itu totalnya semua 229.500.. kalo rincian harganya sama kaya yg aku tulis di post yang koleksi lengkapnya.. hehehe.. :D

    2. okay...thanks mbak...moga sukses selalau...amin

  4. lipsticknya baguuus.. :3 pengeen, btw ak juga baru dapet koleksi lasem ini yg dua lip function tapi warnanya kaya dark purple gtu. >_< emag ada banyak ya si duo lip lasem ini?

    1. Cuma ada 1 kok.. ini aslinya juga merah tua agak menuju ungu gitu.. mungkin efek diedit kali ya jadi keliatan merah banget. Hahah

  5. dapet produk lengkapnya darimana kak?? pingiiin


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