Happpy New Year & December 2012 Favourites!


Woohoo.. A new year has started and am trying to make resolutions like others.

But instead of making a list that I'll screw up by the end of January, I'm just gonna make promise to myself, to accept who I am, focusing on positive things rather than mourning the negative. Live life happier and bring happiness to anyone around me!

What's your resolution, guys? Whatever it is, try to reach until the end of the year. we're in this together!

On to the favourites!

I don't really use much new makeup product last december, I just reach out for my staple items on the daily basis. But I got sumthin sumthin to share. I'm including 3 brushes which I torture everyday because they're just so damn good!

Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil 

Been seeing this cleansing oil for awhile back. It was a very new kind of cleanser to me. As a product adventurer, I really really want to try it so bad. I usually prefer an oil based cleanser as it remove my makeup so much easier and cleaner. Since it is oil, I have a really high expectation on this. And my expectations just turn into realities!

It says it would remove waterproof mascara (as any makeup cleanser claims) so I really give it up to the challenge. I put so many coat of mascara that my lashes can handle and try to clean it with this only, along with many other product I use on my face, like, foundations, powder, blushes, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, etc, etc. And it works so well! I use 2 full pumps for the face and another pump for neck.

Well, I have to rub my eyes gently for awhile until I can feel no more mascara, add a little bit of water to my hand, and it turns kinda foamy, rub it again, and then rinse off. I can feel my face clean and soft, I once try to wipe my face with toner, and nothing remains. I feel like I don't even need to wash my face again with facial foam after using this.


Acnes UV Tint

Bought it because I'm running low on my sunscreen and its green, my favourite color. hehee

I never thought it has some color on it. But the coverage is so sheer, it just making my skin looks abit more even. But just a very tiny bit, almost like a sheen. It has a medium texture, meaning that its not runny but not quite thick. Making it so easy to blend, just like any other moisturizer.

Ever since I use this, I barely use any other foundation or BB Cream just because I think it's enough for my everyday look. Plus it got SPF 30 PA++.


 Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Concealer

I'm really in love with this to kinda highlight my face. It makes my face more presentable without so much work and no cakey! That's like the most important point for me. It's so easy for any concealer to look cakey on under my eye area, thus I need concealer that really looks like skin to cover it up.

Well, actually it can't cover my eyebag completely. Its like brigthens the area. I usually put on my forehead, the bridge of my nose, and my chin, and blend it out. Perfect to use after my Acnes UV Tint for an everyday look.


Masami Shouko HD Blush Brush

Best buffing brush I've ever use!

At first I thought it might be a problem to reach tricky area like around the nose and under my eye, but its not. The round shape makes it easier to just buff your foundation into your skin. Its so soft either.

Oh by the way, even though it says that this is a blush brush, I find it better to be a foundation brush. I find it kinda hard to blend blushes. It CAN blend nicely, but you need time. But who got that much time in the morning?? Hahaha..


Masami Shouko Concealer Brush

I really really love pedal brushes (because i watched Lisa Eldridge like a thousand times), and it came smaller. Isn't that so cuutteeee??? hihihihi.. :3

It's just THE perfect concealer brush for me because:

1. The shape is uurrgghh.

2. Blends concealer nicely.

3. Packs on concealer.

4. Soft.

5. Sturdy yet bouncy.

What more can I ask from a concealer brush?


Masami Shouko Eyeshadow Brush

It packs shadow better than any of my brushes. I rarely use any other brush for my eyeshadow. I use this for every color I use on my lid. I've once try an eyeshadow quad. Never touch the shadows with my hands, but the color payoff are soo pigmented. I thought it was the shadow that has a creamy/buttery texture, but its not! It is actually a hard shadow. Not chalky but just hard. I was so surprise until I knew that it was the brush that grabs the pigment and packs it beautifully on my eyelid. Such love. Not to mention that it is soft! And cheap!


Phew! That's it!

I like to make this kind of post cause I can share my favourites at the moment and even give a mini review on each item.

Have a happy new yearr!!


  1. I love the cleansing oil as well! I stock up every time EH is having a 100% cashback, LOL ^_^


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