FOTD: Photoshoped Face

Was waiting for my BF to come for New Year Celebration,which is spending our time together on my living room, watching music on television, and eating sate while waiting for countdown. I'm such a home buddy. :3

I got bored so I took some selca. For the eyes I actually following Michelle Phan's New Year Look.

When I want to upload this pic, I see such a horrible eyebag. And theenn, I try to photoshoped my own face. That, actually, FUN!! Hahahahaha..

I remove my eyebag which makes A HUGE different! and smoothen my skin.. and adding that bright inner corner.. and remove any disturbing shadows...and that's it! Just a little adjusments here and there~~ haha.. :3

So, whaddya think?? I feel like I look like some random korean gal. hahaha.. :p


  1. Tinggal naikin hidungnya dikit, cucok deh.. ^^
    Nice look Vani! Aku juga pengen bikin look inspirasi dari Michelle juga, yg Midnight Luster terbaru itu baguuusss..

    1. Iya nih, yg ini baru mainin kulit, tar mau coba edit lebih ekstrim lagi aahh.. hihihih~~

      Thabk youuu... X)
      Iyaa.. aku juga pas liat yg itu langsung pengen bikiinn! Parah si michelle itu true artist bangeettt.. XD

  2. OMG!!! super duperrr envy your skin >,<

    btw, following u now ^^

    1. makasiii Dewiee..!! X)
      Tapi itu epek photoshop ajaa kokk.. hihihi.. :3


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