[REVIEW] Marcks' Beauty Powder

Hi, everyone! Today I have a short review about my most favourite setting powder!

As soon as I have the thought of reviewing this product, it quickly reminds me of the retro era. Which is why I did some editing to make you feel some kind of retro when reading this. Hehehehe...


It has a very simple round packaging as you can see it above. So vintage-y and every time I see this, it always reminds me of my grandma cause she use this brand all the time as long as I've known her.

The info you get is pretty much straight forward. On the front there's only few words printed and on the back you can see the ingredients. It also got an expiration date and mine ends up on 2016. Long journey to go, ain't we fella? hoho..

It has a shifter inside with no holes. I like it this way, sometimes with the hole-y shifter you might get too much product sitting on the shifter and when you open it, it just flew everywhere. Oh, and it got no sponge inside. You can either buy a sponge to use this or like me, use a big powder brush. I prefer and recommend the second one, tho.


It has a very fine texture. At first you might scared cause its so damn white! But no worries, its a transparent powder, just take a tiniest bit with your brush and the set your foundation/bb cream/concealer/any type of base you use that day.


It has a very old school flowery scent. I like it, sincce I'm really into retro/vintage things right now. Hahaha. But it'll dissapear not long after you put it on your skin.

How I Like To Use It

I usualy take a small amount of powder with a shifter, and then with my big fluffy powder brush I dab it on the shifter, shake off any excess, then dab it on my face. Starting from the T-zone to the outside perimeter. After that, I blend everything with circular motion. Just remember to take only a tiny bit on your brush if you don't to look like a ghost!

Staying Power

I must say, this is the best setting powder to keep my oil at bay with the cheapest price ever! Only Rp 8.000,- (to put it into a convertion, just about a little less than a dollar!). Look how much it is! I'll need a gazillion years to hit pan on it!

I don't say this will makes you look matte the whole entire day, but it helps a lot to make my skin getting oily gracefully. I start getting oily like an hour after I finish my make up, but it was a dewy kind of oily. It stays that way for like 3-4 hours before it starts to get more oily. But at the end of the day, the most oily part on my face are just my forehead and nose, the rest are still oily but not like greasy.

After trying and comparing this with any other powder I have, it still is the best and always be my go to setting powder on any occasion.


So, in conclusion, I recommend this to you all!! And I heard it's great for sensitive skin too. What a bonus!

How 'bout you? What's your favourite setting powder? Have you ever try this? Just tell me anything on the comment section below!

Have a great day and merry christmas, pretty people!


  1. punya g staon lebih baru hit the pan. hahaha..

    1. Iya nih banyak banget buset, gue udah pake tiap hari kayanya masih segitu' aja banyaknya! Hahahaha


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