November/Birthday Haul!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

a bit late for sunday greetings, eh? But worry not dear friends, the night is still long!

Before I'm getting into the post, I just want to say that I LOVE DECEMBER!! OMG, who doesn't?? My sis had put on our christmas tree on our living room, which is right beside my bedroom. So everytime I go in and out, I can see it, standing there. Giving me christmas vibe little by little. I'm not a christian by the way, but I just love christmas that much. :3

So, into the post. This haul is kinda special to because, like you can guess from the tittle, November is my birthday month! It was on 28th, it's like the end of the month but I became so happy since the first! Hahaha.. So I decided to treat my self stuffs from here and there to be my own present. 

Looking from the picture above, you can probably tell that I kinda fall into E.L.F's makeup lately. I watched so many youtubers haul-ing and reviewing this brand. I really want to buy a lot of things from them but with PO system I have to pay like double or even triple of its value, that makes me hesitant. Cause I want to see how they perform in such price.

Anywho, here's the list of my haul from where I got it.

Just trying out local brands, since I only ever use so little. My choice goes to Rivera since I'm a packaging junkie and I love their packaging (minus their foundation). Their colour choice of deep blue and gold just really attract me.

- Rivera Liquid Foundation in Sawo Matang
- Rivera Compact Powder in 05 Sawo Matang
- Rivera Eyeshadow in 01 Brown Shimmer
- Rivera Blush On in 01 Cedar Rose
- Rivera Liquid Eyeliner in Black
- Ranee Eye Putti
- Fanbo Fantastic Matte Lipstick in F.02
- My Darling Eyeliner in Black
- Tokyo Night Polish Remover
- Red-A Lipbalm 


So many people have raved about this two. I can't just sit here and watching everyone else having a great time with this, can I?? As a makeup (actually, cheap but great makeup products!) junkie, I should try this. To see it with my own eyes. To feel it with my own hands. And judge it with my own heart. 

- e.l.f Makeup Mist & Set
- e.l.f High Definition Powder


Etude House

Got this because I have the Pink Membership and if you have that membership you'll get 50% off of stuffs you purchase on your birthday month. I usually don't want to buy anything from their store if it's not on discount. It is waaaayyy too expensive compare to online shops for the same exact thing! A BB Cream for almost US$40?!? I'd rather buy my self a makeup forever foundation! Aside from that, please take a look at that pink bow brush. Ain't that pretty? I love it!! Eventhough it's not as soft as I thought it would be, but, the shape has redeem my apology!

- Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nail in #5 Princess Marry
- Real Art Cleansing Oil
- A cute brush who doesn't have a name.



It's not a very raved product, but since the first time I saw it, I really want to try. But everytime i went to the cosmetic kiosk near my uni, its always out of stock. And then I think, is it that great so its always out of stock? Or is it too bad so people won't buy it? Either way, I'm very curious about this and finally I can get my hand on it at Hypermart, on dicount! Happy me is happy.. :3

- Wardah Double Function Kit
- Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening


As some of you guys might now, drugstore was having a 40% off discount. It was saturday night when my sis told me. Right after that, I abandoned my cute bf beside me on my living room, as I browse through the website and remembering any hype product that I can't get here. After half an hour or so, I decide to buy these things.

- Wet 'n Wild Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells
- e.l.f. Treat & Tame in Dark
- e.l.f Powder Brush
- Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Darling
- Real Technique Expert Face Brush
- Maybelline Color Tatto in 45 Bold Gold


And that is all my November/Birthday haul, can't wait to try 'em all out!

I hope you enjoy those photos as much as I do! teehee..

Feel the Christmas vibe flowing through you, everybody! <3


  1. wohooooo! Happy birthday Van! :D
    i also LOVE December with those holiday thingy..
    most wanted review from me : local haul & ELF haul :D
    btw drugstore ada diskon 40% yah?? kapan ituuuh?? pas black friday ya? :'( *ketinggalan berita*

    1. Thank you Diaaahh.. hihi
      i know riight... Everybody loves december! XD

      Emm, kayanya pas akhir" oktober gitu deh, terus cuma bentar.. Hohoo..

  2. eh van, ittu yang belanjaan di drugstore, u pesen lewat olshop ato gmn? leewat olshop mang dapet diskon 40%?

    1. emang di drugstorenya lagi diskon 40% cella.. terus belinya lewat member FD,, cuma nci gue yg mesenin, jadi gue gatau siapa.. hahahah

  3. review yg wardah function kit dong van. lg nyari shading nih

    1. Haha, baiklah, tar gue mainin dulu biar mendalam ripiunya yak.. :D


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