November Favourites!

It's not too late for november favorites, right?? Hahaha.. I've never make a favourite post before, but since I feel so damn happy this month, I just falling in love with anything I grabbed first at the first moment of November. Yeay!

The first one is this Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation that I reaaally really love! It makes my skin look glowy and healthy, just like I want it since the first day I know make up! I always wanted to look healthy and natural in photos. But then, for attending events like weddings, I only can trust the make up artist as I know nothing at all about make up. And this baby right here just do its job pretty darn well! 

But the only down fall with this, is that it makes your face oily fast! Well not really fast, about 2-3 hours or so, my face starts to get oily. But some days it looks like a nice glowing oily, if you know what I mean. But the other days it just simply oily. But other than that, I loove this!

I know the hype has started from a long time ago, but it just happen to be my favourites now. It's the revlon lipbutter. I love how it gives me a muted peach lip color just like I want it! But to achieve that, I need to use a slightly tinted lipbalm underneath, so I won't look like I'm sick. I'm using a lip smacker in grape flavour. So it got a bit of purply tint on it. 

As I try this and that, I reckon my skin just look so nice with warm color like peach or yellow undertone stuffs. And this blush is actually my all time favourite. I feel like I'm glowing from within (yea right). I just love how the color compliments my complexion and how it makes me so alive.

Eventhough its claim to be a highlighter-bronzer-blush-and-finishing powder, it's not quite achieve its purpose. When you make too much function in one product, it ends up achieve none. But as I use it more and more, I definitely loving this as a highlighter, love the shine it  gives me on the high points of my face. Especially on my cheekbone, it is so darn prettay! One thing about this product is, sometimes you can see glitters after you apply on your face and sometimes you don't. It's not a big ol' chunks, you wouldn't really see it if you didn't put the mirror 10 cm away from your face.

Now this is my super duper favourite ever! I got this brush from brush sets i got from makeuptoolshop. At first I kinda confused of this brush. It's definitely not for foundation and powder. Even though it look fluffy, actually it's more on the flimsy side. On the website they said it is a cream blush brush, but since I don't have any, I use it with my maybelline blush up there, and ow.em.ji. it's a perfect match! This brush is soo great with very pigmented blush. I just need to dab this brush lightly on the pan, and then brush it on my cheeks, and tadaaaa~~ I'm glowing from within... *heavenly music plays* It just blend nicely on my cheek without my trying to hard to blend it. I usually use a regular powder brush for my blush and I tell ya, I often went to campus with bright orange color on my cheeks because its so pigmented! But with this, I don't even need mirror! Ha!

And here's some picture of moi wearing all my favourites that day. But the blush isn't really show up cause it mid-day and I was sweating like a pig after uni. So pardon me for that! Haha.


Okay, now this has nothing to do with my November Favourites. But I just feel sad, you know. I started this blog about 2 years ago cause I just feel this beauty blogging world was so much fun. Its nice to see so much personality in a blog. More over, its about beauty and makeup which I have so much love for. I was so thrilled to see how indonesian people also has this kind of blogger. It was so new to me, cause I just knew international beauty bloggers and vloggers back then. Its nice to see what product that available locally here, also have great quality like across the ocean brand, eventhough not many. But this few months back I just feel uncomfortable, its like i'm blogging and making posts to fulfill other's expectation. I was thinking, I should do this, I should do that, to fulfill those expectations.

But after having some chit chat with my sis about diana rikasari's blog, I just realize how she stay true to herself on her blog to tell people what she up to. Not to be anyone's POV of her. And that's kinda relieves me. Not that anybody telling me to do this and that. But the atmosphere has just changed. But its just my personal feeling. I hope everyone doing just fine and be happy! Yay! <3


  1. Vani, y u down, beibeeehh~? Don't make blogging into an obligation, just do it when you feel like it. ehehehe, Yeay for fun bloggers, we'll just call ourselves that! ^___^ v

    btw, love your pics! They really give a happy vibe to start my day. ^_^

    1. yes indeed! Sometimes I just feel sad that I can't keep up with other bloggers who make posts so many, while I could only manage 2/3 posts per month. :(
      But then I remember that this is my blog and I can do anything I want with it. Hahaha..

      Aaaa.. thank youuuu.. Glad you like it!! XD

  2. Hey sweetypie! Just found out ur blog and I really enjoyed read it!

  3. Btw, I've already tried those Maybelline Blush, works great, it might be too bright for me, I suggeseted u to try Maybelline Blush Studio Cheeky Glow! They even work greater! :D

    1. Glad you enjoy, kristika! Its my pleasure.. :D

      Ah, should definitely get them when I get the chance! ;)


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