My Current Favourite Skincare: Hadalabo Ultimate Moisturizing Series

Hola everybodyy~~

I want to share about my current favourite skincare!

I've use this quiet awhile now. It's been 2 month if I'm not mistaken, and I've been hooked up ever since. I'm not really know how to review this, so i thought I'm just gonna share with you guys about what I think about this babies.


First thing first! I just wanna say that, you guys with oily skin, you. need. moisturizer. too! note that! So, I was telling my sister awhile back ago to use moisturizer because her skin looks so dull, but she said, she don't want to use any moisturizer because it'll make her skin gets oily faster. Another time, I told my boyfriend that I want to get him some moisturizer for oily skin because he has a verybery oily and acne prone skin. And then he said no, he thought adding some more moisture onto his skin will only make him gets more oily. But hell no sis and bf!! Your skin needs a moisturizer that suits your skin! There are so many moisturizer out there made for oily skin. And I have proof it my self that using a moisturizer has help my skin looks more happy, healthy, and pretty!

I know you feel that you have enough moisture for your face from the oil you produce, but darling, believe me its not.. :(

When you're not giving your skin any moisture, what would happen is that it will get dull and rough, but when you give your skin the goodness it needs, it would still be oily, but not as much and your skin will get soft and supple, plus pretty!

So please do wear moisturizer you oily skin warrior! I feel you..


Now, onto the product!

This is the Ultimate Moisturizing Light Lotion.

I use this as my daily moisturizer, right after I wash my face. I just put it a bit on my palm, rub my hands together, and then I pat my hand all over my face gently to apply the product. After it dries, you can really feel your skin feels sooo smooth and supple. And the most important point, it hydrates my skin so well!

I heard they got another kind of this. If this one is the light lotion, the other one is milk. Same bottle but different texture. The milk one is thicker and look like a regular milk cleanser, but I haven't got the chance to get my hand on that, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna like it.

Sold 1 in every two seconds in Japan! Look how many girls (or even boys) love this stuff!

The texture of it is kinda liquidy like a toner but this a very tiny bit thicker than a regular toner. It sinks right away and so easy to use. Even my sis finally get herself this because she just loves how easy it is to use and it didn't make her skin gets any more oily. Tee hee.

Oh, and they have one for dry skin too! Better see it carefully when you buy!


The second one is the Ultimate Moisturizing Night Cream.

It hydrates, it soft, it makes my skin feels so supple and bouncy. But, when I use this, I reckon that I wake up with such an oily T-zone. Which I don't actually care because I'm gonna go take a bath and wash every dirt away anyway. I feel the night cream keeps my skin hydrated all night and it gives me a healthy supple skin in the morning.

The texture is much more thicker than the light lotion (duh). So I feel that this night cream really gives me more hydration.


And this is my favourite from the line, it's the Ultimate Moisturizing Face Wash.

Never in my life I feel a face wash that can make my skin feel so soft and smooth but I still feel so clean! Usualy I like a face wash that leaves my skin feels squeeky clean, but not with this. Its like having your face washed and conditioned at the same time! I really do reccomend this to try! You'll love it just like me. :3

 The texture feels really creamy and I only need a pea size of it and it cleans my face like no other. Major love!


And that's probably all I can say about this product. Luckily it didn't break me out so I can keep using it.

So, tell me, what's your favourite skincare? How much do you like it? I love recomendation! 

See you in the next post. Ciao!

**Believe me, I'm not sponsored**


  1. Aku juga suka Hadalabo.. ^^
    Yang lotion emang baguuss... :D

  2. Even though ur skin is oily, the lotion itself is not enough to work as a moisturizer, it is meant to be a toner to prep the skin for next step of treatment. If u dont like using serum or essence, u could try oil free moisturizer that mattifies the skin.

  3. The lotion is not meant to be a moisturizer by itself, it is a toner to prep ur skin for the next treatment. But since it is made in subtropic country i could see why they make such moisturizing toner, but even though ur skin is oily i dont think it is enough as a moisturizer .

    1. Hi Elvina! Thanks for stopping by on my blog..

      I've used it quite a while and I feel its moisturizing enough for my skin! Using it for about two months, I can see improvement on my skin softness! :D
      I guess it really depends on personal preferrences and likings, but thanks for your info! :D


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