Best Birthday Ever! Happy 21st Myself!

So, as you guys read the tittle, I am the birthday guurrll... It was on 28th November. I know it's been a bit late to post this today, but better late than never right? Hoho.

November has been a very good month for me. Nothing really happen through out the month actually. But just my thoughts about my birthday at the end of the month has giving me a good mood to start my day!

On the 27th, all day long, my boyfriend got this very weird stressed face. When I asked him, he said it was about his task and assignment. I know he got so many things to get done for his tasks, as a good girlfriend, I keep my random babbling to minimum and try to comfort him. I usually more like a chatty annoying girl, who just talk about anything and everything. But that day I just talk if I think it is important. Later that night, at 10 p.m. my boyfriend said he want to sleep first because he had a headache. So I let him. And kinda relieved that he slept, but kinda dissapointed because that means no birthday greetings from him on 00.00. But I didn't mind, I thought, as long as he's happy and healthy, that's ok. I don't like to see him stressed. :( 

I fell asleep at 2 a.m.

In the morning of November 28th, my mom suddenly screams my name, told me to get up. It's so weird, cause I just told her yesterday, that today I don't have any class to attend. But my mom just keep yelling, telling me to get up and get out. And then when I open my door with anger, there they are. My lovely and sweet boyfriend and bffs.. Bringing a cake to greet me happy birthday.. :")

When I see it, I was burst in happiness. No one has ever giving me this kind of surprise. More over, I don't think my boyfriend is that kind of person who would do this. I can't stop thinking how lucky I am to have him. Thank you, ayang.. :3

And thank you my dearest babiks (that's what we call ourselves) for coming. We don't really seeing each other too much cause our houses are far away from each other and somewhat busy. Nice to see you two as always.

After all the photo session. He went to campus to catch up for his class, and the babiks gossiping on my bedroom. Haha.

Later that day, after his class, my bf got back to my home and give me a box. It's a gift! Kyaaa~~
He said he actually want to give it to me in the morning, but then he said, he don't want to make the surprise all at once. 

I was so curious about what he would give me.

And when I open it, I burst in tears.

He gave me a brush set!! OMG. He knows that I love makeup and I am a brush junkie! 
Never ever would I ever thought that he might get me makeup brushes!! Ain't he the sweetest.. :')

Other than the brush set, he also gave me this stripey t-shirt which I really love, but I need to lose my weight a bit. Haha.. :p

His greetings for me.. :3
He knows I love greens.. 

And another surprise comes from my dad. I actually have been wanting it since I know its existence. I actually want the 600D originally, but when I read about it, which is better than 600D, I move my love for this baby. And dad got me this just on my birthday! When I came home at night on 27th November, it there, on my bed, winking at me with its shiny boxes and bags, uugghh.. LOVE!

I love that it came with 3 cute inspiration book about what you can do with the camera and the accesories.

And that is all! Phew, so many pictures! But I'm just soo happy and I feel so blessed that I have great family, friends, and lover. Wish you all happiness folks!


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