The Body Shop Holiday 2012 Makeup Collection

From all of the holidays that exist on the world, my most favourite holiday time is Christmas! I don't know why, maybe because I just really want to live in the US (Look at those cheap drugstore makeups!), or because they have great TV shows, but I just love the vibe!

As far as my love for the holiday, I love those red, green, and gold colors. I love their ornaments, the gifts, the presents, the family gathering, the foods (yum!). I love christmas trees with ornaments and tiny little blinking lights, I love the warmth feeling they're giving me. I really want to, no, dream to have a cold snowy christmas while sitting in the living room with the ones I love, wearing comfortable raindeer prints sweater, and all that jazz. I just really want to!! :')
The only time I've felt a cold christmas was when I went to a trip to hong kong in winter time. No snow, but the weather was just very nice. Cloudy with a little bit of winter breeze going on. People were just look so friendly and happy. I feel so excited amd positive.  I love that! <3 I really wish I could get that feeling again.

But since I can't get that in the near future, I might as well making my self happy with all the products that has a christmas theme going on!

The Body Shop has made one which I really in love with!! aargh..  I want all of that!

See those pretty perfume-y bottle? It's actually a shimmer spray! I've never in my life see anything like that. I thought it would be the most perfect thing for christmas. Pretty soft shimmering skin? On christmas? Come on! It's very festive and elegant. <3

Loving the concept. From packaging to products. Mad love!

and this shimmering pearls are ugh! Soft and pretty colors, nice packaging. Somehow that dove texture of the container just says, "Look at my pearls!! Look. at. my. pearls. !!."

Haha.. Okay, enough for rambling. See you in the next post(s)!

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  1. so tempting~ I want to buy all the new products >_< btw if you don't mind please read my post about xmas swap (indonesia only) at my blog and feel free to comment ^^
    Thank you~

  2. Woooww... gorgeous collection
    make me drool :)
    really make me curious about the lipstick and the pearls
    Nice info, thanks

    1. Samaaa ihhh ngiler parah pas pertama liat! hahahaha.. XD

  3. Hi dear,
    I am big fan of TBS too, i hope they will be available here soon..
    I am a newbie here, pls check out my blog dear I've followed you already... :)

    God Bless


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