[REVIEW] Masami Shouko Travel Mirror Powder/Blush Case

Phew! Whatta loong name for a small travel friendly makeup packaging!

So the first up review from my Guardian Haul is this powder/blush case which is so small and cute.

It is retailed for Rp 77.900,- in each and every Masami Shouko counter. But I guess you get 5% discount if you order it from their Facebook Page. I'm not really sure though. Please check out their Facebook Page HERE.

Talking about the price, I think its affordable but not so cheap really. I mean, if you see our local cosmetics, they come with sturdy packaging and products inside with of course cheaper price. But what makes this worth to buy is the design and functionality.

Look at that. A very simple and sleek design which make it look expensive. With a mirror placed on top of the cap, so handy for touch ups. Plus it is so sturdy for real! I accidentally drop this while taking these very pictures because the wind blew like crazy. It fell off 3 times to the ground and no scratch, no crack. Tough guy!

To fill it just simply open it and put your desired powder inside, could be loose powder/mineral blush, up to you. I'm putting loose powder because I bought it for my mom. She asked me to find a place to put her loose powder so she doesn't have to deal with the messy-ness. At the counter I saw the brush kind of this but I read a review saying it doesn't feel soft so no buying that, mom wouldn't like it. Haha..

I love design that match function. Look at that "open-close" writings embossed there? It means you can close the little holes right under the sponge when you're not using it. Cause you don't know what happen inside your bag right. It can shake for God knows how many times and when the time you want to wear it, a huge amount of powder transferred onto your skin.

At first I'm kinda bit sceptical about wether or not the powder would go through the sponge. But it pass! *of course laa~* It is a bit hard at first when you just put on the powder inside. You need to turn it upside down and shake it a few times. (And when I say a few, it means A LOT). And when the powder fill up the sponge like that, you can start to use it.

And voila~
There you have it a very pretty, travel friendly, no messy powder case.

Have you ever try this? Do you like it? Share it with me in the comment section below!
Have a nice day! :D


  1. *racun baru *

    met kenal ya van ^^

    1. Yes it is!! hahahaha..

      Met kenaalll... :D
      Makasi udah mampirr.. hihii..

  2. yeah its not that cheap.. i personally prefer to buy a compact powder instead of this though hehe :p
    but this would be a great option if you already find your holy grail unrepleaceable loose powder and wanted to bring that for touch up.. ^_^

    1. yap yap, aku juga biasanya pake loose powder di rumah aja.. hahaha.. :p

  3. Aku juga pake ini... Punya maybelline blush on yg mineral kan rada2 berantakan pakenya, akhirnya ku masukin ke si masami shouko ini deh... lumayan, jadi cepet tepok2nya... tapi warnaya jadi ga gitu keluar, apa karena partikel blush on si mabelline ini gede2 ya?? Hmm.. gapap deh, hemat...hemat... :D

    Nice review, Vaniii! ^^

    Btw, klo brushes malah kurang suka si masami buat yg murce prefer tammia... :D
    Tapi, produknya yg ini bagus bgt deh... :)

    1. Nepoknya kurang banyak gak? Aku juga nepoknya ampe lamaaaa baru dia nongol gitu.. Tapi kalo udah nongol tinggal tepok" dikit.. hihihihii..

      Thank youuu..... XD

      Iya kalo face brushnya aku lebih prefer tammia dehh.. ALuuss dan lebih muraahh..

  4. Hai Vani.., Salam kenal.. aq juga baru beli masami powder brush sama kayak punya kamu.. tp yg brush nya panjang,,, ampuuunn.. shake berkali2 tp bedaknya nggak mau keluar.. aq kira punyaku rusak or something. Aq search dah di google .. eh.. nemu blog km.. trnyt emang harus butuh perjuangan keras ya biar bedaknya keluar..,

    Hehehe...Nice info....

    Thanks Darl... ^.~

    1. salam kenal juga veroo..
      Glad my post could help you out! XD


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