[REVIEW] Masami Shouko Brushes

Yeaayy!! Time for another review as I promised!

I am soo excited to do this review, because I really am a big sucker for make up tools!

First of all, I reaallyy want to say that I really love the design. Just black with no silver neck like most of other brushes have, not that it doesn't have it, theirs are colored in black. I somehow think it looks so modern and chick. Now that've been said, let's talk about these brushes one by one.

Foundation Brush

Synthetic hair, retailed for Rp 88.900,-. I think it is more on the expensive side. It is a bit stiff on the yellow/orange-y part but really soft on the tips. Which is great! When using a brush, you don't really push it until it bends all over while you're spreading products on your face. So, the stiffness on the yellow/orange part give you structure to spread your foundation nicely.

When I'm using a foundation brush, I'm looking for it to cover my huge pores. Cause you know, some brush might skip the inside of your pores and just makes it even more noticeable and we don't want that.

I got pores on most of my face, mainly on my T-zone. Which is my forehead (between my eyebrows), my nose, and on my cheek. Let's see what this brush can do!

Tadaaa... My pores are gone!! Haha. No laa~ It all got covered with foundation by the brush. See how nice the brush works? Definitely loving this brush! It's easy to use, soft, covers my pores, and spread foundation quick, nice, and evenly.



Natural hair, retailed for 28.900,-. I guess the price suits it very well. For the price I'm paying, I get a very great stuff over here!

I found my self loving this kind of blending brush than the one with round spreading head. Because on my little eyelid that big round blending brush can spread the eyshadow way too much than my liking, but with this kind of brush I can control how far I want to blend my shadows. Plus, I can use it to do my whole eye look (the eyeshadow part) with only one brush.

First, pat on your shadow with the flat part into the shape that you want. After that been done, blend away the edges with the tip of the brush. Make sure you wipe the brush clean first on a tissue.

This brush picks up and delivers color fast, so soft, and not so dense thus, makes it easier to blend.



Synthetic hair, retailed for Rp 25.900,-. Another great brush with a great price!
 It is super small and precise. The angled part really does help a lot when I'm puting on my gel liner, or if you like, you can use this for your liquid liner for extra precise. With this you can make a very simple close to the lashes liner until a far winged eyeliner.

The angled part really does help when I'm making my wing.
Eventhough its cheap, the bristles feel really smooth, and doesn't poke or hurting my eye. This is my most favourite eyeliner brush so far!


All in all, I love all the brushes I got here. For the price, I guess for the eye brushes it still considered cheap for the quality it has, but for the face brushes are more in the expensive side with that quality I think it should be cheaper. However, I enjoy using all of these brushes and I recomend you to try it too!

So, have you ever try these brushes? Do you like it? Share it with me in  the comment box below, and don't forget to follow this blog if you find this post interesting! Have a nice day y'all! :D


  1. Wah jadi pingin coba! Sering liat dan hampir beli, tapi ga jadi karna pilih yang lain haha. lain kali bener2 harus coba beli

    1. harus cobaaaaa!! Apalagi eyeliner brushnya. It has change my life.. *oke lebay* hahahahah.. :p

  2. Waw...super duper nice review!
    Penjelasan gambarnya bener2 ngebantu banget buat dapet gambaran ttg brushnya :)

    1. Big thaannkksss Dinaaaaaaa...! XD
      Hope it helps! :)

  3. baru kali ini liat brush yang bengkok hehe,nice review dear ^_^


  4. aku udah pernah denger sebelumnya tentang merk ini tapi belum pernah nyoba >_<
    makasih ya buat reviewnya :D

  5. That is really cool! I love how the brushes works on your eyes. esp the blending brush and eyeliner. I have small eyes like yours too so I totally understand.
    I am new to IBB so can we follow each other? show support as blogger?
    Pls visit my blog: www.rosdianalittleworld.blogspot.com
    thanks :)

    good review btw.

  6. I'm a bit confused choosing between masami and ecootools one. Denger2 ecotools lebih bagus. Ampe skrg belum beli,karna masih belum bisa mutusin yg mana. Hehehehhe thanks anyway for the review

    1. Tergantung kebutuhannya sih say.. Mereka juga beda" kan bentuknya rata", jadi kamu coba liat aja yg bentuk dan fungsinya paling mendekati kebutuhan kamuu yang mana,. hihii..

  7. Baru tahu ni make fondation pake brush :D good review...

  8. Masami Shouko emang oke. belum mampu beli sigma, stay with this dulu deh. lol

    thank you for visiting my page, new follower anyway, if you don't mind follow me back.


  9. vaaan itu kalo dicuci rontok gaaakkk
    belom pernah coba, soalnya takut rontok hahahaha..


    1. Nggak rontok kok jeess.. gw dah cuci 2 kali dan tiap bulu tetep setia di tempatnya masing".. heheheh

  10. Wahhh mupengg, menggalaw nih skrg antara ini dan ecotools hehe. Masami ada yg set juga ga ya?

    1. Masami ada yang set juga, tapi gue gak yakin yg set itu sebagus yang dijual satuan.. Kalo mau beli yang set sih mending ecotools gue bilang, soalnya udah punya dan aluuss banget tuh ecotools. hihihi..


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