Review: Look Ever Nail Polish Remover


Sorry for the long gap between my posts. I've been tweaking my template and layout and add things here and there. I actually haven't satisfied with few things but I don't know what it is. So I think maybe I'll add up things more as time goes by.


Currently I've been loving nail polishes, I can't see my nails going bare even for just a day. I wear repeated nail colors just because my bf doesn't like it if I'm wearing crazy colors. (And with him even a pastel yellow color means crazy). But he's so cute so I'll do my best to fulfill his request. :p

Few months ago, my Revlon nail polish is gone and I haven't got the time to buy more of it. So as I went through Stroberi, I saw this for only Rp 8.000,-. So I decided to buy it.

Packaging wise, it's a cylinder pink bottle with double cap to prevent the liquid from spilling everywhere. And I like the soft pink color.

What makes me curious about thing nail polish remover is that, it has a somekind of white sponge inside the bottle, so you just put your finger inside of it, rub your nails on the sponge and the sponge will remove your polish.

I once bought something similar to this from Daiso, but it was a very long time ago. I love the one from Daiso so I think I'll love this one too.

The first time I use it, I put my finger in it and hardly rub my nails all over the sponge. It didn't remove my polish that quick just like my Revlon did. After first trial, the sponge start to tear and I just take the liquid with cotton pad and clean my nail just like usual. But then, few weeks later, I want to try to use this again while I was doing something else. I put my finger in without moving it around for almost 30 second, and then I rub my finger softly and the polish just easily gone! So that how to use this. haha. Stupid me.

Something you should mind is that all the nail colors you remove are all getting into the bottle and contaminating all the liquid inside. Depend on your nail color, it can only be used for about 4-10 usage for ten fingers each use. Or until you break all the sponge, because its so soft and kinda fragile. 

Now how the nail polish it self works?
It does great for removing your polish. It says on the bottle it's a conditioning nail enamel, it really is. It doesn't dry out my nail, after the removal my nail would look shiny and feels nice. BUT on the down side, it dries your skin! Plus, because you only use the sponge it kinda hard to remove the polish on your cuticle, you have to use some q-tips to do that job.

(+) Smells nice
(+) Remove nail polish easily
(+) Cute spongy thing to remove polish
(+) Simple & nice packaging
(+) Easy to get at Stroberi
(+) Cheap!

(-) Dries out my finger's skin.
(-) Hard to reach polish in the cuticle area.

I personally will buy this thing again just for the sake of its cute way to remove my polish. But when I'm bored I might stop and try some other.

How bout you? Have you try this polish remover? What do you think? :D


  1. Hai Vani. slm kenal yes. :)

    Aku belum pernah liat ini di Stroberi. liat paling yang merk Evelyn ituh.

    ini sama evelyn bagusan mana ya?

    tengs bifow
    eh, aku follow kamu ya,
    mudah2an berkenan kunjung balik :))

    1. haii.. Salam kenal jugaaa.. :D

      Evelyn itu yang botol kaca bening itu ya? aku malah belom pernah coba yang ituu.. hihihii... :p

      Aku udah follow blogmu dari lama seuss.. :D

  2. I have the same thing, and I love it!! Mine smells like strawberry, and as you said, it's so easy to use! :)

  3. hai pingin tau, kuteks look ever yg di naughty itu bagus ngga sih sis? pengen beli karena murah, tapi pingin baca2 review dulu.

    1. Aku pernah coba punya temen aku sih, dan aku agak kurang suka karena dia gak keras" di kuku aku dan jadinya malah bikin kutek dibawahnya lembeekk.. huhhu.. Tapi temen aku bilang di dia baik" saja.. hehe.. Aku bilang sih cobain aja dulu satu, kalo suka beli lagi, kalo ga suka beli revlon aajaa.. *bukan iklan* hahahaha


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