Review: Revlon Nail Polish in 345 Peach Smoothie

Hello lovelieess~~

Today I'm gonna be reviewing another nail polish!

This is my go to nail color when I feel like I want my nails to be pretty but not sure what color should I use. Because the color is almost the same with my skin tone. Just a very versatile color. Its from Revlon in 345 Peach Smoothie

I love the consistency of this. You really need 2 coats but it really easy to spread, doesn't dry out too fast so you can go back to swiping your brush here and there to spread the color evenly.

It really last a long time with no chipping. I took this photo actually 2 days after I appllied it. I wash dishes, do the laundry, cook, but it stays still! Now, as I'm writing this its been sitting on my nails for 4 days. On my thumbs and forefingers, it chipped a bit because I use those fingers most often to do this and that, but the rest is still the same as the photos. Supah great, cause usually nail polishes only lasts 2 days max on my big fat fingers! Very very plus point.

It's written on the sticker that it scented when it dries but I don't really care for it cause I always use top coats to finish it.

-Apply the first layer very thin, because thin layer grabs onto the nail surface better.
Ever wonder why they paint everything (cars, furnitures, toys, etc) using spray? It is to make a very thin layer, thus makes the paint stays on longer.

- Always apply top coats to give more beautiful healthy shine into your nail and to make the nail polish stays even longer.


  1. It would be awesome if it smells like peaches, hahaha ^_^

  2. haha tried this, hate it :( I dunno why, I can't ever work with it :( go visit my blog ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Sekitar 30an kayanya nis.. Belinya udah lama soalnyaaa.. Hihii.. Tapi sekitar segituan kookk.. :D

  4. That's actually a very nice color! Susah nemu warna nude yg secantik itu, those really matches your skin tone very well, it looks great on you :)



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