Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth Blushes

Hi! Today I'm gonna be reviewing this Maybelline Clear Smooth Blushes.
I believe these three color is all they have for the clear smooth series here in Indonesia.

From the left:
- Fresh Apricot, a fresh orange color. Doesn't have any pink/red color but so wearable, to give you that fresh glow. My go to blushes for everyday! :D
- Fresh Berry, deep pink color. Not to Special for me, just ok.
- Fresh Rose, soft pale pink. Great for fairer skin.

The packaging is just a simple round shape, with baby blue colored pan, a clear top, and no brush included
I like it though, cause I can see the color right away, small space needed and no extra space for unused brush!

You can see glitter on the Fresh Apricot and Fresh Rose, but don't worry, when its applied, no shimmer detected.  All satin finish, looks like your cheek have a very healthy glow.
As for staying power, Fresh Apricot is the greatest cause it stays almost 8 hours on my face and the other just about 3-4 hours.

As for the texture, they're all just so lovely. Kind of creamy, not chalky at all.
A little goes a long way for these blushes, you just need to tap your brush lightly on the pan, and then to your face. Don't swipe your brush in the pan, or else you'll just end up looking like a clown! Except for the Fresh Rose. I need to build up more and more of the color if I want to use it alone. So I just use it to blend away any darker color blush to make a pretty gradient effect.

So, what they said:

"Silky smooth texture, non comedogenic, fragrance free, oil free"

And it's true especially the smooth texture, they're just so great.


(+) Creamy texture
(+) Great color pay off (Fresh Berry & Fresh Apricot)
(+) Great packaging
(+) Easy to blend

(-) Too Sheer (Fresh Rose)


  1. I used this too everyday :). i like fresh rose than another 'cause it's give a natural blush.^^

    BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

  2. I really want to get this..
    Tapi masih ada blush on, ga suka kalo banyak2, jadi ga semua kepake T_T

    Nice review dear :D
    tapi kayaknya yg masuk Indonesia 4 warna kok, ada Fresh Coral juga, abis baca review blush on ini juga di

    btw, me following you ;)
    check back my reply on your comment

    1. Wah salah dong berarti perkiraan aku. hahahaha.. abis tiap liat di konter maybelline liatnya ini 3 mulu, brati yang 1 gak ketangkep radar.. hahaha.. :p


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