Review: The Body Shop Lip Liner

I always love photos from makeup commercials where all the models have this pretty define lips that just so perfect. So I've been watching people's lips (Yeah, I kinda stared those lips, but it was friends and family, so I thought it's okay lhaa~ hahahaha.. :p) and I can see not everybody have a perfectly shaped lips, especially my boyfriend, his lips are very.....undefined. Hahahaha.. But since he's a boy apparently, guess that's not gonna be a big problem (are they?). Okay, back to the main topic. So I kinda love lip liners now. rather than few months ago. And this is the first lip liner I ever have.

It's The Body Shop Lip Liner in shade Beech. Its kinda redish medium brown color which is a natural color, cause I thought I want something that could be use over and over again beneath any lipstick color as a base. Or you can use it all over the lips and add any lip balm to make it looks healthy and a bit shiny.

I love the silver cap and how every different color has their color all over the pencil. (So if it's in pink the the pencil would colored pink). It makes it easier to find this in your makeup case cause you can see the color without needing to see the bottom part as other lip liners packaging have.

I love how it's easy to apply. It's soft, not too creamy but just the right texture. It has kinda matte finish but not drying. And when you sharpen this, it won't break up that easily. This lip liner is one though guy!

I swipe it 3 times on the left and just one swipe on the right side. 

Now here's the swatch on my lips. 


(+) Easy to wear
(+) Natural Color
(+) Not easily break
(+) Great texture

(-) None. I love this product!


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    1. Cellaaa.. lupa harganya berapaan.. kayanya antara 70-100 dehh.. hehee

  2. the color looks really natural, and it's become more noticed as natural in my opinion cos of your photo! place the product on tree is really creative thing to do on blog! :D


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