Classic Peach

Went to Gandaria City last weekend and we watched the amazing spiderman. Not so amazing in my honest opinion. Too much love story which me and my BF can quickly guess the ending. After that, we were just strolling around inside the mall. We fell in love with the theme inside Gandaria City. So pretty to took photos but nah, we're just looking at it. Haha..

Found this beautiful cage near the entrance. Soo pretty.. I should make this at my house! 

And then we ate at Takigawa. I don't really like the taste. It's just okay and edible, but no coming back there I guess. For the price I'm paying, I could get tastier sushi at Sushi Tei.

Cut out top // frai
Pleated Skirt // Mom's
Colar Necklace // Naughty
Bag // ZARA
Belt // Unbranded
Shoes // The Little Things She Needs
Accesories // Random


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