Steel Girl

So, I was helping my friend for their Photography midterm project. The title of this blog post is taken from my friend's title for my photo. So here it is! :D

Taken by Tika

Taken by Clara

Edited by Me

so, how do you think??


  1. lebih mirip sama bolang van. hahaha

  2. Bahahaha..
    Sedih amat gue, udah gaya keren" dikata kaya bolang..
    Wahahahaha.. :p

  3. Ga kyk bolang kok heheheee keren2 judulnya match sama ftonya (O̴̴̴̴̯͡ .̮ O̴̴̴̴̯͡)

  4. setelah punya blog sendiri akhirnya baru ngepo"in blog temen" salah satunya ente dan ad nama GHUE.. kyaa!! and this is my blog link

  5. great edited photos =)
    i love the quality of all picts !!
    and you look soo cool, dear ..

    take time to visit my fashion blog..
    i hope you'll like my style too =D


  6. @Stevia: Thank youu.... :D

    @Winda: thank you so much winda, will do! :D

    @clara: cie yang baru bikin belogg.. hahaha.. :p


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