The most fun part of family gathering is the introduction of the newborn! So my cousin just had a baby girl and he brought her to the family gathering for the first time last sunday. And she's just soooo adorable. She laughs at all my baby jokes, making happy sound while moving her tiny arms and feet. She's just so cute I want to have herrrr!!! X) 

So, I introduce you toooooooooo:

Sorry for the blurry pict, I took it with my phone camera and she kept constantly moving her head around. But anywayy, look at her cheeks! So chubby and yummy looks like she had a ping pong ball an the side of her face! Hahahahahaa.. I love her so much.. X)

She looks so confused with the camera, but still making a cutey face.. hehehe..

Anyway, Gong Xi Fat Coi everyone! Hope you guys having a prosperous new year ahead, cheers!! :)

Vani n Baby Elisa


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