Green Wing

So, I was doing an assignment with bunch of fellas, and my friend Tika was doing her photography project. So she brought her camera and I jumped up and down cause I know I could take pictures for another outfit photos! Yey for Tika!!

With Catherine

With Tika, the saviour of this blog. :p

With Jethro, the most sinical person I've ever met that could make it feels so funny!

Owl Rings. Could never get enough of these. they're so versatile for my style! Love 'em.. XD

My new lover, half calf boots. bought it on sale. A really good find!

Beautiful piece of necklace made by my own friend Dea. Check out her store ChainReaction Stuff.
She made it all by herself, plus she took all the pictures so beautifully.

Green Batwing // ALT Fashion Stuffs
Black Jeans // Unbranded
Peacock Necklace // ChainReaction Stuff
Watch // Guess
Boots // GEOX
Random Accessories // Unbranded

Photos taken by Catherine & Tommy
Editing by Me


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