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To calm down all the hustle I've been through with all the giveaways i've joined and to make it up to you guys for flooding my homepage with all the giveaway posts, I'm gonna talk about real products that i have.

So, a few days ago, I bought 4 items from Inez. At first I must say I reaaaaally looked down to the brand it self, because it's not well known and the packaging looks horrible. Kinda reminds me of the 80s.. But fortunately i got easily influenced as i read all the great review from here. I was all excited, and I got it on 15% discount! Lucky me.. Heheh.. Now, here I am having this new babies which i love!

Inez Active White Precious Powdery Cake
Inez Color Contour Plus Concealing Stick
Inez Color Contour Plus Eye Liner Pencil in Blue and White

Sorry, for the focus that stuck inside the mirror. :p

Price: Rp 45.000,-
(on discount -> Rp 38.000,-)

And this is the infamous Inez Precious Powdery Cake. Wich is a two way cake or a powder foundation. I'm using shade Natural, it's the lightest color and it sooooo my skin tone! Not too white, not too yellow, just perfect. Love it.

So I tried to use different kind of application on this, and the results are:
- Dry sponge: Covers thinly, but evens out my skin tone.
- Wet sponge: A bit thicker than using dry sponge and it covers better.
- Foundation brush: Almost like using dry sponge, but thinner.

By any tools i tried to apply it, it evens out my skin tone, smooth finish, and great coverage for everyday use. But it's not cover blemishes and red or dark spots so well, you'll still need a concealer.

I personally prefer apply it with wet sponge, because after a few hours, when my skin starts to get oily, it looks great! Seriously, that is amazing! I didn't blot on purpose cause i just love how it make my skin look like it's glowing. When i apply it dry, it covers good, stay for the whole day, but it didn't make my skin look dewy and glowy.

Price: Rp 26.000,-
(On discount -> Rp 22.000,-)

At first i tought it would be hard to blend since it's stick, but i'm wrong. This is so smooth and very easy to blend. I'm using shade Light. They only got 2 shades for the concealer thou, light and medium.

This is the swatch of the concealing stick

Price: Rp 27.000,-
(On discount -> Rp 24.000,-)

I was not intended to buy this, but then the sales attendance ask me wether i want it or not. And I just remember that I don't have any liner other than black, so i give it a try. The packaging's good actually, only for the pencil liner thou.

At first, I thought its so hard to apply, but I quickly scratch it on the back of my hand, then I use it on my eyes, it glides on smoothly, and the color stays for 8 hours! The blue smudges a little though. The white, I should give it a standing ovation cause it stayed on my watery wet waterline with no smudges at all!! Lob it lob it lob it..

Swatch for white and blue eyeliner with 3 swipe on each color.

Don't you love the blue one? It's so vibrant and bold, so pretty.. :3


Verdict: I'm definitely repurchase it all!! No hesitation needed.


Actually i want to buy more products from this brand. Next time I'll try for blush, lipstick, liquid foundation, and maybe some eyeshadow quad.

*Good Lord, to be pretty don't really take that much, ayt? ;)*


  1. hai.. salam kenal..
    itu concealernya lucu bentuknya lipstik.. aku kira lipstik warna nude tadinya.. hehe...

    visit and follow me back ya :D

  2. Iya, tempatnya lucu gitu mirip banget sama lipstik..


  3. sy Liza dari Malaysian.. nk tanye Malaysia ada jual makeup inez x?

    1. Wah, kalau di malaysia aku kurang tau, tapi bisa coba beli online di facebook nama tokonya "Jopankar Kosmetik".
      Semoga membantu! :D

  4. hai ^^
    kalo si concealing stick itu coveragenya oke gak yah?
    thankyouuu :)

    visit and follow my blog please :)

    1. Aku kebeneran sih pakenya cuman buat kantong mata aja karna gak ada jerawat.. Tapi so far, untuk penggunaan di situ aku suka banget, karena nutup dan masuk sama warna kulit aku.. heheheeh

  5. Leez rahmat
    Reseller in malaysia..fb : ayune nisa


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