Hello Makeup World

Hai! I'm Vani Sagita.
I love make up as much as i love my self. But i don't really have that so much pile of money in my backyard so i can't buy all the make up i wanted (All that high end products..). Mostly, i will review-ing low end make up and make up tool or skin care product or anything that related to make up that not only very friendly to most of our wallet and survival needs on the planet earth but also give a very great result in the long term.

Sometimes i wonder, "Will High End Products giving a certainty of the user to become a pro in make up world?". Then, I saw a lot of people using high end products still have that unmatched foundation color with the actual skin tone, cakey face, overly done eyeshadows, uneven eyeliner strokes, blush that goes all waaayy over the chek area, etc. But I saw some people, using cheap products, products that won't even guarantee them any health issues, they make their make up so flawless, even i have to look twice because of that. So just like fashion, money can buy you high end make up, but it can't give you the ability to make your make up looked flawless. Every one just need practices and more practices and a full understanding about every and each product they're using.

Now this blog will be written in English and or Bahasa, depending on my ability to represent the product i'm reviewing. I'm not really fluent in english actually, so pardon me if there's lies many grammatical error.

So i hope you'll enjoy this blog as i'm enjoying my time reviewing things and write it here.

Vani Sagita


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