Have You Heard About The Bird?

I know it's been quite a long time since their launching but i thought i need to share about this beautifully made online shoe store called Up . This store owned by a currently well known blogger, Diana Rikasari. I've been a subscriber since 2008, and she has a place in my heart. She's sweet, bold, and fun at the same time. When i heard that she was willing to open a shoe store, i was all excited!! And when they were out, i was sooo amazed! It really representate the owner, and the shoes! Oh, the shoes, casual wedges and heels, that make me drool. :p

So here are some of my favourite from the collection:
So, this is Anya. I fell in love with her on the first sight! But since i'm not a major heels user, so sadly i'm not buying this baby, cause i know she would just ended up in my closet. :( But i loo ooo ooove it soo much! If anyone bother to buy me this for a surprize, my size is 41. ;)

And this is Kate. It's simple and classic, just a simple black and white in glossy material are soo adorable!

This one is Stella, She's so casual. I could imagine my self wearing this to anywhere!

The last one is the newest design from the collection, her name is Pandora. Me super likey the sailor color. It's not too much nor less. Just perfect!

See all of the collection by yourself! I'm loving each one of it!

All picts taken from www.iwearup.com


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  2. hi...
    blogwalking n find urs...
    i love up too...:)
    nice blog...

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