[REVIEW] Revlon Nail Enamel in 041 Granite

14 February 2013

The color makes me think like I'm an expensive lady wearing expensive nail polish as those kind of lady usualy wearing a neutral kinda save color in their nails. (Talking 'bout Lisa Eldrigde). I blame my nail polish frenzy on her! I never really think about polishes until I can't stop watching her videos with all the pretty neutrals there. The color looks like a muted darker mauve which I believe looks good on everybody.

Two coats is enough to show an opaque finish. Even you can go with one coat for a sheer finish, Its not patchy like other polish can be. 

Longest lasting nail polish without chipping I've ever try! I took this picture today which is like the 6th day of me wearing this. Even my nails has grown so much. I use this with no base coat and I added some top coat on the 2nd day and its still shining! I kinda awe myself with the staying power until I'm sick of the color and I'm gonna clean it since my cuticles are getting dry for reasons I don't know why. hahaha..


  1. such a lovely color. its remind me of chocolate milk. i have number 235, twinkled pink n really love it too...

  2. I have 2 revlon nail polish too... love it <3
    im ur new follower btw.. would you mind to follow back? thanks :)


  3. aku punya yang charming (211) dan top coatnya. awet banget yah, teksturnya enak banget. murah tapi ga murahan bingit. jadi pengen punya yg granite juga nihhhh...


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