Guardian Haul

26 August 2012

Hola! A bit haul from Guardian, Living World!

I've been searching for this brushes for a long time. I'm not a Dept. Store person really, I feel lost in all those stuff in there. Anyhow, I always seeing other blogger rave about it and how they said it's good and cheap. I looooveee anything with "cheap" tag on it! Hahaha..

So I went to Living World and browsing through Guardian until I saw a full rack of Masami Shouko. I was sooo thrilled but I try to buy things I would really get tons of usage.

What I got there:
1. Masami Shouko 322 Foundation Brush
2. Masami Shouko 309 Angled Eyeliner Brush
3. Masami Shouko 210 Blending Brush
4. Purederm Make-up Remover Cleansing Tissue
5. Masami Shouko Blending Sponge Hitam
6. Masami Shouko Travel Mirror Powder/Blush

Stay tune for the review!


  1. wiiw ada blending sponge nya ya masami shouko sekarang?? udah lengkap banget euy..
    harga si blending sponge sama foundie brush nya berapa, Van?
    review yaa :)

    1. Iyaahh.. Aku juga seru sendiri pas liat ada spongenya ituu.. haha
      2-2nya harganya 88.900.. Seeppp! Ditunggu yaa... :D

  2. Replies
    1. Iyaa.. Aku juga baru liat kemaren ituu.. banyak pulak jenis dan macemnyaa.. hihihii..

  3. Pernah beli yg fondi brushnya masami, seriusan... ga enak dipake IMHO... Akhirnya brushnya kepake buat facial mask T__T

    Tapi blending sponge yg item nya enak dipake kok, ga kasar d^__^b

    1. Iya nih kemaren baru dielus-elus sih keliatannya agak plastic-y.. Huwaa.. Sayang banget kalo sampe cuma jadi kuass maskerr.. hahaha..

  4. purederm nya berapaan say?
    bagus gak??

    1. Waduh, gawatnya aku lupa, dan struknya udah ilang.. hehe.. :p
      Kebetulan belom pake, tapi bakal aku bikin reviewnya, nanti aku kabarin ya.. :D


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